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Cross-Promotion: No Honor Among Thieves

My brother has launched a kickstarter for the card game he’s been developing, No Honor Among Thieves. Back it at any level to recieve a track I produced, or watch the video for a preview of the track.  The game … Continue reading

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Interlude: Distance

Translocator adjusted his grip on the new space station module. It was difficult to really grip anything with the spacesuit gloves. Some Korean and Chinese engineers droned on behind him about how important it was that he be close enough … Continue reading

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Machine Daydreams (non-story post)

I have an interlude almost done, but for various reasons (read: networking), instead of finishing it this weekend like I intended to, I created a blog to follow one of my other hobbies, generative machine learning models. Check it out, … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.9

Sean was sitting on the ground, when I found him, knees pulled up to his chest, hands shaking. His wings were gone, and his hair had lost its brilliant glow. Shit, he looks bad. “Sean,” I said. He didn’t look … Continue reading

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