Thought I ought to update you all on my current situation. Unfortunately, there will not be any updates for the remainder of the summer. This is because the location at which I currently work a) has neither wifi not cell coverage, b) does not allow personal laptop or tablets, c) blocks Google drive, Dropbox, and every other concievsble cloud storage service, and d) does not allow physical storage devices to enter except for pre-approved encrypted drives. As one can imagine this makes it difficult to work on my writing while my scripts run like I usually do. 

On the plus side I’ve been reading a lot of cool research papers. Did you know that AIs (or rather, “reinforcement learning agents”) seem to learn better if we program them to feel regret (via “hindsight experience replay”)?

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2 Responses to Update

  1. timelessarii says:

    Wait, so whole you’ve been writing this, you also managed to publish Sufficiently Advanced Magic? Amaze. Finished reading that one months ago (like as soon as it was released). Only started reading this a few days ago; now I’m caught up and wanting more. Great fic so far! Can’t wait to see where it goes after the summer.

    • Thanks! It means a lot to hear that.
      Fun fact, I hadn’t actually heard of Sufficiently Advanced Magic (but lord do I love the name) until now, but now I think I have to read it. Somewhat related: have you played The Talos Principle?

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