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Dagon part 2

The team drifted through the streets like a strand of loose cobwebs, using the grappling guns to secure themselves to the street and what walls were still upright The cables strained against the force from Davy Jones’ aura, which dragged … Continue reading

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Sorry, again

I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to have to do this, and I hate missing updates, but I have nothing ready. I could probably throw something together last-minute, but that would not end well for anyone. This week was my … Continue reading

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One month ago Randwulf floated in the air where he was suspended by Davy Jones’ power, ragged clothes rippling in intangible currents. He drifted like a man underwater, only his head above the surface. He dropped the armful of supplies … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.9

With a flash of light, a black VTOL jet with the logo of the International Threat Assessment Bureau appeared hovering above the ruins. “Holy shit, the TAB,” Tipping Point said. “If the Bureau is involved, we’re talking Nightmare-class,” Paragon said, … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.8

The small, chipper maintenance robot -Kevin- pushed open a door that came up to Guardian Angel’s shoulders. “The inhabitants don’t come down here,” it explained as they ducked into the cramped corridor beyond. “These are maintenance hallways that we drones … Continue reading

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Due to the non-stop express train that is real life, I’ve had to work this weekend and therefore this chapter will be late- probably Monday, shouldn’t be any later than Tuesday. I thought about skipping this one, but I don’t … Continue reading

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