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Chiaroscuro 10.3

Kevin watched over Wren’s shoulder as a news anchor narrated what was happening in the park. The helicopter gave a clear view of the US military vehicles that tore into the park from where they had been stationed at the … Continue reading

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Ciaroscuro 10.2

Sean laid Locus down in one of the seats lining the back of the jet before taking a seat across from him. The floor rumbled as the VTOL thrusters powered up and the jet began to rise. Sean took a … Continue reading

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Interlude: Distance

Translocator adjusted his grip on the new space station module. It was difficult to really grip anything with the spacesuit gloves. Some Korean and Chinese engineers droned on behind him about how important it was that he be close enough … Continue reading

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Dagon part 3

The police at the mobile barricade marking the edge of the nightmare area cheered for Guardian Angel, Tipping Point, Basilisk, and Pitfall as they emerged from the devastation. A rush of wind accompanied the appearance of Jet, followed moments later … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.9

With a flash of light, a black VTOL jet with the logo of the International Threat Assessment Bureau appeared hovering above the ruins. “Holy shit, the TAB,” Tipping Point said. “If the Bureau is involved, we’re talking Nightmare-class,” Paragon said, … Continue reading

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