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Chiaroscuro 10.5

Sean laid as still as he could while the ring of light passed around his body with a hum that made his bones tingle. “We’re almost done,” drifted a woman’s voice from behind a partition. “just a few more moments … Continue reading

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Ciaroscuro 10.2

Sean laid Locus down in one of the seats lining the back of the jet before taking a seat across from him. The floor rumbled as the VTOL thrusters powered up and the jet began to rise. Sean took a … Continue reading

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Chiaroscuro 10.1

The world shook. No, someone shook me. The shreds of something that seemed meaningful at the time slipped away the moment I opened my eyes to see Sean crouched over me. No, Guardian Angel. He still glowed faintly, though it … Continue reading

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Interlude: Distance

Translocator adjusted his grip on the new space station module. It was difficult to really grip anything with the spacesuit gloves. Some Korean and Chinese engineers droned on behind him about how important it was that he be close enough … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.6

The street outside had been transformed into a battleground by Mafic and Felsic, making it difficult for the stolen SWAT vans to approach. Their reinforced wheels trundled over the thorn-covered metal vines that stretched across the street like spike strips, … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.5

I approached the police line at a walking pace, ready to teleport out at a moment’s notice. If Temple Sun agents are here, they might all be under Temple’s control. The Blackwell enforcers, easily recognizable by their black turtlenecks and … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.4

Guardian Angel, Dark Archon, Jamisson and I followed the warden through the security checkpoint leading into the Meta-Max facility. Dark Archon’s feet clacked loudly on the concrete floor as he walked. “You picked a tough customer to take off power … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.3

The younger Banks had just woken up when we returned to the infirmary. Savage helped himself to one of the cots that lined the edge of the room while the rest of us approached them. “Now, it will likely take … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.2

Author note: No chapter next week, probably, since I’ll be out of the country again.   A harsh buzz woke me up from a fitful sleep. I opened my eyes and glanced towards the source. My phone, plugged in on … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.1

I sat atop the vault, amidst the rubble, and stared into the dark with growing frustration. The warm, moist air venting through my skin turned to mist around me as it cooled. “Has Savage reported back yet?” I asked, restless. … Continue reading

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