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I’m really, really sorry. It finally happened. My schedule broke. I was sick for the past week, starting last weekend and only feeling better yesterday, my course load this semester is kind of nuts, and I’m in a musical which … Continue reading

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Shadows of Giants 6.1

When I woke up, I could tell something was different. My head felt clear, clearer than it had for a few weeks now. I felt awake, for once, with none of the exhaustion that had been creeping in of late. … Continue reading

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Interlude: Archangel 3

Raine broke into a run towards the administrative tower. She could make out the immense, windowless central pillar through the frame of neglected skyscrapers which nearly touched the underside of the Mezzanine plate. The street was a straight shot all … Continue reading

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Dagon part 3

The police at the mobile barricade marking the edge of the nightmare area cheered for Guardian Angel, Tipping Point, Basilisk, and Pitfall as they emerged from the devastation. A rush of wind accompanied the appearance of Jet, followed moments later … Continue reading

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