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Interlude: Five Shocking Realities of Life as a Metahuman

By Aaron Baldwin I’m a metahuman. I’m also a journalist and a photographer, but for some reason the “metahuman” part is what people seem care about, which is odd given that there are probably more metahumans than journalists, according to … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid 7.6

Adam shouted as a pair of hands grabbed him from behind, but his cry was muffled as one of the hands covered his mouth and nose. Adam’s enhanced muscles strained against the grip, but it held firm, far stronger than … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid 7.5

Raine followed as Plateau and the young woman who’d introduced herself as “Jess” carried their insensate black-clad comrade up the flight of stairs into the afternoon light that shone through the open door above. At the top, they laid the … Continue reading

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This is an extra April 1st story I received from the April Fools Writing Swap this year, written by Chris Poirier “You’re late,” he said, without turning. Nearly halfway to his panther form, his black fur made him almost invisible in the dark … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid 7.4

NOTE: Last week’s update (7.D) was an April Fools’ update, and as such is non-cannon, if you missed the disclaimer at the bottom. Also, if you missed it, go check it out- it was written by Tieshaunn, author of Brennus, … Continue reading

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