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Interlude: Balance

“Hey, Charlie, what you got now?” Devin said as he glanced back at me. I flicked my fingers. “I dunno. Something with-” -a bell rings in the distance, shaking loose dust from the rafters- “-Dust? And… sound, I think. The … Continue reading

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Interlude: Archangel, part 2

Raine made her way through the dim streets of the ground plate. A hot, stinking breeze oozed its way past her, the discarded refuse of three cities skittering around her ankles like insects. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. Suspicious … Continue reading

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Umbra 4.9

Gotta move! Next to me, Charity braced herself, and cold billowed off her as she drained heat from the air around her. Why didn’t the Cocatrice affect her? Myriad grinned, one arm over her eyes to sheild against the Cocatrice, … Continue reading

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Umbra 4.8

*Click* “-you conscious yet?” *Click* I groaned and forced my eyes open. Ugh. Why do I taste… cherries? *Click* Dr. Mind’s right hand hovered over my face, snapping occasionally as he scribbled notes into a tablet with his left. His … Continue reading

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Umbra 4.7

Mafic rode a tiger- a goddamn tiger!- made of steel cords and bands, and wore his suit of twisted metal armor. His metal tiger, a massive beast fashioned like one of the enormous Siberian tigers, padded out of the drainage … Continue reading

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