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Chiaroscuro 10.5

Sean laid as still as he could while the ring of light passed around his body with a hum that made his bones tingle. “We’re almost done,” drifted a woman’s voice from behind a partition. “just a few more moments … Continue reading

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Chiaroscuro 10.4

When we last left our heroes Two of the three largest metahuman gangs in the city have imploded in the wake of a powerful precog with a vendetta who was also indirectly responsible for the dissolution of the city’s major … Continue reading

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Thought I ought to update you all on my current situation. Unfortunately, there will not be any updates for the remainder of the summer. This is because the location at which I currently work a) has neither wifi not cell … Continue reading

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Chiaroscuro 10.3

Kevin watched over Wren’s shoulder as a news anchor narrated what was happening in the park. The helicopter gave a clear view of the US military vehicles that tore into the park from where they had been stationed at the … Continue reading

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Shameless self-promotion: Solarian Black

I apologize for the continued flakiness (10.3 is at about 75%), BUT I now have a store selling some of my art. Check it out at

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Ciaroscuro 10.2

Sean laid Locus down in one of the seats lining the back of the jet before taking a seat across from him. The floor rumbled as the VTOL thrusters powered up and the jet began to rise. Sean took a … Continue reading

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Chiaroscuro 10.1

The world shook. No, someone shook me. The shreds of something that seemed meaningful at the time slipped away the moment I opened my eyes to see Sean crouched over me. No, Guardian Angel. He still glowed faintly, though it … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Changing World 6

Kismet watched Dame Danger fidget on the floor with a partially dissected piece of technology she’d been given as a gift from Japan’s new leadership, uncomprehending. When the jet had landed, in a moment of terror and confusion, their powers … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Changing World 5

The leader of the squad on Riley street turned away from the barricade that had been hastily erected around the sphere of darkness that enveloped a fair portion of the city. The sound of engines approaching cut through the eerie quiet that … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Changing World 4

Richard Denzien paced back around his house, mind busy. There hadn’t been new Nightmare-class metahumans in the states in years. Not since the Rose of Thorns first made her debut in 2000. And now there had been two new Nightmare … Continue reading

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