Sins of the Fathers has been placed on indefinite hiatus. Thanks for reading!
Sins of the Fathers is a weekly web serial about a group of young superheroes attempting to take over for the previous, more well-established team. It updates Sundays at a random time, to keep you on your toes.

Set in Collswell City, the city with one of the highest metahuman populations in the world, due to the presence of a government-funded hero training program. The city is also, however, a hotbed of superhuman gangs, who see it as prime recruitment territory, pulling in those who flunk out or slip through the cracks.

The current generation of metahumans is considered the third generation. After the first, the “Vigilante Generation,” with unregulated metahumans fighting or perpetrating crime, the government stepped in, leading to the second, the “Sponsorship Generation,” with government-sponsored superhero teams fighting gang-funded villain teams. Now, the support of government-funded teams is waning as prominent teams start to dissolve and funding starts slipping and what was once a novelty is now considered a drain.

4 Responses to About

  1. mbwakalione says:

    HI ya, not to sure if you have answered this before, but have you considered a “donate” button?

    I recently decide this was my favourite web based serial,(since worm, which led me to here).
    And i would realy like to give something back.

  2. Hey, alexander hollins from web forum guide here. just collecting people to see if you were still up for the april thing? Theres some more sign up info on the forum.

  3. healer says:

    im interested in a lot of what is said how can i get more info on your work would love to know more about what you have said i hope to read more of your work/info very interesting

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