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Scenes from a Changing World 5

The leader of the squad on Riley street turned away from the barricade that had been hastily erected around the sphere of darkness that enveloped a fair portion of the city. The sound of engines approaching cut through the eerie quiet that … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Changing World 3

Wren sat on his bed, laptop open on his lap. He stared at it for a few full minutes before starting to type into the search bar. He stopped, hesitated for a moment, then opened an anonymous browser and started … Continue reading

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Interlude: Distance

Translocator adjusted his grip on the new space station module. It was difficult to really grip anything with the spacesuit gloves. Some Korean and Chinese engineers droned on behind him about how important it was that he be close enough … Continue reading

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Interlude: Observation

17 years ago Dr. Ermen approached the researcher at the controls for the Synthetic Multiple-Aperture Refracting Telescope and cleared his throat to get his attention. “Oh, hello,” said the young, fair-haired man who controlled the angle and focus of the … Continue reading

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Interlude: Open Source

Protect_Our_Future [Thread Creator] Fresh Face Attached is a PDF of designs for a device which will disable all metahuman abilities in an area whose size depends on the power input and physical size of the device. The principles under which … Continue reading

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Interlude: Legionnaire

The legionnaire awoke for the second time, though this transition was much more gentle than the previous. His first sensation was the immense pressure inside him, the force pushing outwards from every direction as countless millions of impossibilities struggled to … Continue reading

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Interlude: Catalog

While not a comprehensive list of mods available in New Tokyo’s mod parlors, this list leaked out of Japan by curious hackers comprised of the most common mods available to citizens of Metatron’s transhumanist Japan. White market The white market represents what’s available … Continue reading

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Interlude: Five Shocking Realities of Life as a Metahuman

By Aaron Baldwin I’m a metahuman. I’m also a journalist and a photographer, but for some reason the “metahuman” part is what people seem care about, which is odd given that there are probably more metahumans than journalists, according to … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Internationals

Metahuman proliferation and WWII Commander Valor Handsome and charismatic, Commander Valor was the poster-boy for the Allies and the founding member of the Allied Justice Task Force. Though he served in the military for a time, he soon was relegated to … Continue reading

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Interlude: Investment

Robert Banks strolled into the apartment, flanked by suit-wearing bodyguards. The room’s three occupants leapt into motion, diving behind furniture or into the apartment’s other rooms. “Rob Banks,” said a man in a turtleneck after it became obvious that there … Continue reading

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