The Wardens of Justice:

Locus (Retired): A powerful space-warper.

Bulwark (Retired): Superstrong, and can make objects she’s holding nigh indestructible.

Paragon: Limited flight, powerful energy blasts and a strong skin-level force-field. The archetypal flying brick, and an icon of the superhero community. He was the unofficial leader of the Wardens of Justice, though technically Jamisson is the leader, for legal reasons.

Blueshift (Retired): Superspeed and time-slowing with weird relativistic effects

Dr. Mind: Brilliant doctor and scientist. He has a tinker power with a changing specialty, which is counted as a low-level joker power. Also can understand and replicate other tinker’s work, with significant time and effort.

 Wardens of Tomorrow

Kismet: limited precog, enhanced reflexes. Cannot interact with people well because she can predict what they will say.

Dame Danger/Jessica: A tinker who has yet to find her specialty, and is becoming increasingly frustrated with her lack of progress. The next newest member of the Wardens of Tomorrow after Emily and Adam.

Legion/Luke: When he dies, he goes back in time and gets to try again, but the original version of him remains. From other perspectives, it seems as if he creates short-lived clones which must die after a certain amount of time. Can pass through his clones Chronically depressed, but hides it well and has been on medication since he manifested powers.

Shockwave: Can fly, but his power is stuck on its highest possible setting, limiting him to the speed of sound and faster. He also doesn’t ignore friction or sonic booms, so he tends to be rather destructive. Is afraid of hurting the others with his power.

Plateau/Nick: Extrudes matter from surfaces, though he has a limited amount of mass he can have at any one time. The oldest current member of the Wardens of Tomorrow.

New Members

Guardian Angel/Sean:  He appears to be an angel, complete with glowing eyes, wings, and a flaming sword. A bit arrogant, but with the image to support it.

Shadow/Will: Can cloak himself in darkness and mark others with it, and teleport to it anywhere, including different positions at his current location. Is also insubstantual to gases and can sense disturbances in the air. Very observant, but mildly ignorant of other people’s feelings.

Emily: Shatterpoint’s daughter. Can create glyphs which can be detonated remotely or used to carefully deconstruct objects.

Adam: A young cyborg with strange emotional filters, a result of Dr. Destructo’s experiments. Jamisson and Dr. Mind have taken quite a shine to him, as Dr. Destructo was Dr. Mind’s old nemesis.

Graduated Wardens of Tomorrow

Pyroclasm: A powerful pyrokinetic, but lacks the ability to decrease the temperature of anything. Becomes very destructive and reckless without his sister’s influence.

Cryoclasm: Pyroclasm’s twin sister, and a powerful cryokinetic, though she lacks the ability to thaw anything she freezes. Becomes overly cautious without her brother’s influence.

Phenomena (deceased): A limited telekinetic and precog, he can create an invisible projection of himself which he can move around in time and space. This gives him telekinesis and precognition in inversely proportionate amounts depending on the situation.

Redlake Heroes Association

Tipping Point/Charlie Daniels: A Joker power, one of the only heroic Jokers ever. Known for his relative mental stability compared to other Jokers, however he has been observed to become increasingly unstable when separated from his teammates.

Basilisk/Rey: Can produce flashes of light which paralyze anyone who can see it. Effect is reduced if seen in a reflection, and falls off with distance, but still is quite potent. The effect is also very uncomfortable, and can be very painful for some.

Pitfall/Devin: Can create portals up to a meter radius beneath any flat surface, making very effective traps. Portals are one-use only, and close immediately as soon as there is nothing partway through. Portals cannot be closed as long as something is through them, limiting potential lethality.

Independent Heroes

Charity: A donation-based superhero who travels from city to city lending a hand to superteams. Can absorb kinetic energy (including heat) from objects and the air around her and release it into her body.

Savage: An associate of the Wardens of Justice, his powers have given him an feral, animalistic appearance, along with enhanced speed, strength, senses, and supernatural tracking ability. Doesn’t play well with others, and tends to vanish for weeks at a time.

       Collswell College


Dr. Rayne: A rather long-winded half-Indian man who teaches Intro to Metahuman Theory and History.

Professor Geneva Stone: Teaches Intro to Metahuman Ethics and Psychology

Coach Cain Masters: A tough gym-teacher/drill sergeant hybrid who runs the Hero Program’s physical and combat training

Coach Mary: A small but harshly critical woman with astral projection powers who teaches power training.

Dean Storm: The dean of the Hero Program and the Metahuman Studies department. The running theory among the students is that he has some kind of lightning powers.


Liam: Can turn invisible, hates Will for some petty reason.

Sasha: Liam’s ex girlfriend (though she will deny it). Can teleport, as long as nobody can see her.

Josh: normal, will’s friend. Econ major graphic design minor

Kevin: Normal, Wren’s friend, Computer Science major

Wren: Normal, Kevin and Will’s friend. Music major switched to Metahuman Studies. Computer science/forensics minor

Dave: A member of the hero program and a cape-watcher.

Paul: a redhead who can transform into an amorphous blob of energy.

Susan: a friend of Dave and Paul, and a member of the Hero program.


Marrow: A former member of the Colswell City Specialists who now works as a healer. She uses her Osteokinetics to heal broken bones, but has become addicted to painkillers.

Claire: A healer medical student at Colswell City.


Masquerade (institutionalized): Scary guy who sings while fighting. Powers unknown. White suit, top hat, mask. Wields a cane sword with glass blade. Diagnosed with an extreme case of OCPD.

Shatterpoint (incarcerated): can shatter objects into shards/rubble

Labyrinth (Incarcerated): can manipulate the interior layout and structure of buildings, given time to let his power seep in.

Psyghast (retired): Will’s father, Can create a thick, purple fog, create psychic duplicates of anyone inside the fog including himself, and teleport the original to any of the duplicates as long as they remain in the fog.

Denizen of the Dark (Incarcerated): Will’s grandfather, a Polish immigrant from during WWII. Can create a nearly-impenetrable aura of darkness within which he travels superfast and can sense everything.

The Living Shadow (retired): Will’s grandmother, a defected Russian spy during the cold war. Can become two-dimensional and teleport between shadows.

Lilith: One of Adam’s sisters. Escaped Dr. Destructo’s compound before Adam and Eve did, and now seems to have made a deal with someone called Archangel Samael, an agent of Metatron.

Dr. Destructo (deceased): Dr. Mind’s nemesis, Dr. Destructo was a naturally brilliant scientist and not, as many believed, a tinker. His ability was actually to create a powerful electrical current between his limbs, which he used to power many of his inventions.

Control (incarcerated)

Commandant (incarcerated): Can control the vocal system of people within a large radius, gaining more control over those with a history of drug use, and is able to gain full control over people under the influence of a number of common stimulants and some other drugs.

Bluefang (incarcerated): Can see connections between wireless electronic devices and tap these signals. Also can use wifi hotspots as limited radar.

Shift (incarcerated): Can disguise himself and others, but with very limited range. Little is known about his abilities otherwise.

Benton (incarcerated): Benton’s voice is naturally convincing. The more he repeats himself, the more convincing he becomes. Carries around a megaphone.

Opiate: Tinker specializing in the creation of drugs, especially addictive substance. She is the creator of Pils, Lotus, Oblivion, Deja, Vu, and Super Juice, and a number of Booster Chems. Currently a member of Blackwell.

Limit break  (relocated)

Flicker: Can teleport short distances very rapidly, accompanied by a noise and a flash of light

Limelight: can fly, shoot beams of semi-solid light which behave more like a fire-hose than anything else.

Spit: Can exhale bullets. More complicated rounds, like various riot rounds or explosive bullets, take more breath.

Golem: can surround himself with stuff from the environment. A heavy hitter.

Sham: can toss objects forward/backward in time to herself, like a personal pocket dimension, though some of the details are different.

Collswell City Specialists

Maeve: Can exhale various chemicals or excrete them from her pores, creating a fog of alcohol, narcotics, painkillers, or other drugs.

Bindle: Can produce limbs from his joints with no limit on mass. Really disturbing to look at.

Scrapyard (Incarcerated): Metallokinetic, can coat himself in metal from the environment and attract any piece of metal he has touched recently to him.


Myriad: A Joker power who scares the living daylights out of a lot of people.

Seep: Creates a thick, sticky substance which crawls up surfaces and people, sapping willpower, among other effects.

Mafic: Can turn some kinds of metal into facsimiles of living creatures, with a jungle theme, including vines, tigers, monkeys, and some large insects. Felsic’s brother.

Felsic: Creates crystal “seeds,” which grow rapidly into large crystalline structures. Mafic’s brother.

Opiate: Tinker specializing in the creation of drugs, especially addictive substance. She is the creator of Pils, Lotus, Oblivion, Deja, Vu, and Super Juice, and a number of Booster Chems. Formerly a member of Control.

Virtue (Collswell branch)

The Upright Man, Aka Brandon Lim: Creates a crowd of invisible, teleporting, precogniscent projections.

Chastity: Tinker, of some kind. Specialty unknown.

Sorry, spoilers. Maybe later.


The chipheads are a group of high school and college students mostly who were pressured into dangerous brain implants to improve performance in school. Members include Alvin, who may or may not be important.


Jamisson: Unpowered government agent who manages and organizes the Colswell superteams, especially the Wardens of Justice and the Wardens of Tomorrow. Proposed and is running a test of the Redemption program.

Atomic: The most powerful metahuman in the world, but refuses to use his powers, even when dealing with Nightmare-class metahumans, except in very desperate situations.

Eve: Spoilers.

      Virtue (national branch)

Pierce Honnete: An unfailingly honest and open politician who built a campaign around regulation and registration of metahumans, though he tends to be far more reasonable (and persuasive) than a lot of metahuman-hating groups, and so is generally favored by the media over these groups.

Darlene Blake: Pierce Honnete’s secretary, legal adviser, and confidante. She is considered the right hand of Virtue, and speaks with Honnete’s voice when he can’t make a personal appearance.

      Nightmares Referenced so far:

Gom Ziggurat: Also known as the Acropolisk. A powerful archaeokinetic- the only one known. Can control buildings, the older they are, the more control and power. Meanders around in the deserts in the Middle East disrupting archaeological digs, mostly. Can become very, very dangerous when approaching or passing through cities.

Metatron: A tinker who specializes in cybernetic augmentation, who was able to augment her own power to Nightmare levels and take over Japan.

The Rose of Thorns: Causes any edge in a huge radius to become very sharp, causing serious injury to many and structural failure in many buildings. Believed to be dead after appearing in Collswell City in 2000 and destroying the subway system, killing everyone on board a subway train.

Dream of Tomorrow: Former member of an European hero team who was caught in a time loop by his own power and driven insane.

Tide of Sky: Formerly Davy Jones, transformed into a Nightmare by Randolph Ermen.

Temple: A metahuman mercenary who gained Nightmare-level powers in an unexplained incident.

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