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Interlude: Legionnaire

The legionnaire awoke for the second time, though this transition was much more gentle than the previous. His first sensation was the immense pressure inside him, the force pushing outwards from every direction as countless millions of impossibilities struggled to … Continue reading

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Interlude: Catalog

While not a comprehensive list of mods available in New Tokyo’s mod parlors, this list leaked out of Japan by curious hackers comprised of the most common mods available to citizens of Metatron’s transhumanist Japan. White market The white market represents what’s available … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid 7.9

The world rocked from the events of the past week. A Nightmare-class metahuman appeared in Collswell City for the second time in ten years, resulting in the death of one of the country’s top-tier heroes. Though it was one of … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid 7.8

The Cherubim released Lilith and she dropped to the floor. She crossed the lab and stood over Dr. Destructo’s cooling body. “Fuck you,” she spat, and kicked him. “Fuck you!” she shouted, louder. She drove her foot into his head. … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid 7.7

Tires crunched on the gravel of the small parking lot that serviced the mountain’s remaining hiking trails as the van pulled up to the foot of the mountain. The engine sputtered to a halt as Plateau parked and removed the … Continue reading

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