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Interlude: Archangel

There were hundreds of them after her. Featureless white mannequins, mockeries of the human form. Some were more masculine, and some slightly more feminine, but otherwise all exactly identical. Most disturbing, their fingers were unnaturally long and pointed, still stained … Continue reading

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Precipice part 7

I had a moment of déja-vu as the door of the flower shop opened once more. I was very glad for the screen of flowers between the counter and the door. I had an idea of what I could do, … Continue reading

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Penumbra 2.9

Monitor sat up abruptly, his milky white eyes flashing open. The motion sensors in his room beeped and automatically alerted government officials around the world that he was awake. He stumbled over to his map, leaning on his bed stand … Continue reading

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Penumbra 2.8

An instant later, the projections reappeared, though fewer than before. The volley of fire launched by Pyroclasm splashed harmlessly against them. I whipped out the stun baton to dispatch one nearby, only for it to vanish, reappearing just behind my … Continue reading

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Penumbra 2.7

Emily, and I stood at the foot of the building, waiting for Kismet to give the signal. Guardian Angel, Plateau, and Jet were perched seven stories up on a rooftop nearby, just out of sight of the ninth floor window … Continue reading

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