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Cold Feet 5.7

The four heroes fell a few feet to the floor as the minisub vanished, landing in a tangle of limbs. “Well that’s one way to do it,” Pitfall commented from where he stood a few feet away, then clapped his … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.6

The next morning, Sean woke up to see Will already gone. As he checked various electronics for updates from the previous night, he found a message on his Wardens communicator. Message from Paragon: ‘Buoy set up. Waiting for results. Go … Continue reading

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5.5 updated

Sorry, had a bit of an error and didn’t copy-paste the whole of Cold Feet 5.5. Go down to the line “Did that just happen?” to read the bit that was missing.

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Cold Feet 5.5

Sean trudged back to the university by the light of the streetlamps. He shivered as a light mist of rain condensed on his skin and clothes. Not heavy enough to be considered proper rain, but still… Annoying. He reached down … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.4

Holy cow! Thanks, Leslie! Paragon vanished through the hole he had punched in the roof. Guardian Angel ran over to the edge of the hole and peered down. Paragon had already reached the floor of the main shipyard- what appeared … Continue reading

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