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Below is a list of various other web serials, approximately in order of when I discovered them. They’re not all for everyone, but these are the ones that I remember, so they must have some redeeming value.

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  1. fallintolife says:

    Hey, thanks for the link!

    Also, for anyone reading this comment, I absolutely have to second Worm. A lot of the other stuff on this list wouldn’t exist if not for it, and it’s a fantastic read.

    • I’ll check it out. I only put stuff up here once I’m caught up so I can be assured of quality and consistency, so it may not end up on my list for a bit.

      • En says:

        Eh, good luck with catching up wit the Descendants, it has a higher wordcount than Worm. (And it’s different and parallel stories)

        Still, it’s awesome and I second Bobby’s rec. However it’s the polar opposite of Worm idealistic vs cynic, silver/brinze vs dark age, and so on. Might not be your cup of coffee.

        (btw, I found the link for yours on Tieshaunn’s story)

      • This is an extension of my list of the serials which either I check regularly or have concluded. I just finished the first volume of the Descendants, though and it is quite good. It’ll be going on the list sooner or later. I’ll probably put it up before I actually catch up, though, because it does have quite the archive.

      • I’ll get there eventually! Still making my way through the Descendants.

        Hm. I feel like there’s too much superhero serial fiction around. I might try my hand at something that’s actually an original setting and not just a copycat, once this story is wrapped up satisfyingly (which might not happen for a while). Maybe I’ll resurrect Ashes & Dust, or serialize the cyberpunk thing I started a while back.

      • Tales of MU is non superhero fiction, though it can get a little… NSFW.

  2. Appreciate the link to Special People! Good luck with your serial. πŸ™‚

  3. anonymus says:

    as far as i know “the last Skull” actually finished before “Worm” started^^
    and i actually wouldn’t advice worm for starters (it has gotten to long to do that, and a bit to dark)

    other (advisabel) stuff to read (jusp spam^^)

    mother of learning
    (a very good made time loop story)

    slimmer (i assume it was dropped, even if the side went back up)
    this includes LGBT a lot, but doesn’t include NSFW

    “whateley academy” (might include LGBT and NSFW, but unlike “Tales of MU” it isn’t based on sex)
    (yes a link to the wiki not to the first chapter, it is way easyer to keep track of it that way, i thik it is
    if you finish with the Descendants, you can consider finishing this a chellange, i dont know how long descendants is, but this is FAR longer than worm, it includes different perspectives

  4. soulfulbard says:

    Thanks for the link–and for reading–The Descendants!

    • Thanks! I started reading at the beginning recently and just couldn’t stop. The volume of content you’ve put out is truly astonishing, and at pretty consistently high quality to boot. I do wish you allowed comments, or you would have heard from me there for sure, but I can understand why you wouldn’t want to. Running as long as you have been I can imagine they started to build up.

      • soulfulbard says:

        I allow comments on new chapters, but my spam plugin died and… so yeah :p.

        I’ll be adding you back once I get around to coding a sidebar for links to other webserials/comics.

  5. Drew says:

    Appreciate the link (and for reading the story, of course). Added you back over on my site as well. Good luck with the web-novel, looks like everything is off to an awesome start!

  6. Jeff says:

    I should also say thanks for the link. Your site was one of my earliest referrers. When I get a chance to breath (work/writing/rendering characters/kids), I’ll one day actually read that entire list.

  7. E. Isherwood says:

    Thanks for the link ❀

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