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Lengthening Shadows 3.3

“Shit.” It was more a factual declaration than an exclamation, spoken more in the manner of one observing a particularly unpleasant sample of excrement than any kind of expletive. Plateau ran his fingers through his hair under his cowl. He … Continue reading

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Lengthening Shadows 3.2

Alvin stopped in his tracks as a glowing ball of light appeared in the air in front of him. Blinking twice, he switched to ultrasonic imaging to discover that it was just a trick of the eyes- it vanished as … Continue reading

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Lengthening Shadows 3.1

“I’m so sorry, I forgot to tell you I had a dentist’s appointment-“ “Kid, you don’t need to lie to me. I watch the news.” Mr. Chase leaned onto his desk, looking serious, his silver ponytail swinging. Nick, also known … Continue reading

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Nightmare Advisory List

This list is available on the International Threat Assessment Bureau (ITAB) website, maintained by Monitor and his associates, Interdiction, Bastille, and Parole. It only shows currently active Nightmare-class metahumans, and is updated regularly as different Nightmares become active or are … Continue reading

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