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Casting Shadows 1.7

On the weekends it looked like the Wardens of Justice went out on patrols in pairs. We had been lucky enough that almost everything going on had happened when they were out of school, because they couldn’t all be pulled … Continue reading

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Casting Shadows 1.6

“As Mary, being gentler than myself, likely told you all yesterday, today is the first day of your competitive challenge. Though this class is the least frequent of the Hero Program classes, your success in this class is most important … Continue reading

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Casting Shadows 1.5

The sun was just rising as Shatterpoint reached his house. He was wearing the Upright Man’s suit, having nothing else at hand and no time to change. The door of his house was unlocked, but he didn’t bother to turn it. He … Continue reading

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Casting Shadows 1.4 (Wednesday)

The Wardens of Justice sat in the jet silently, staring across at each other. They had all sustained more injuries than they cared to mention in front of the others. The man they had pulled out of the labyrinth was … Continue reading

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