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Umbra 4.2

I pushed a gust of wind through my torso to get the air moving and shivered. Soon it would be too cold to do that. From what I could feel out with the air currents, the ceiling drooped in in … Continue reading

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A brief announcement

I usually avoid doing this, but I have a number of occasions to mark. The 1 year mark came and went. Also, I now have 20 followers (wow!) And last, but debatably most important, Sins of the Fathers is now … Continue reading

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Umbra 4.1

The search lasted for four days in the end, and spanned the entire district, the city’s various hospitals and police lockups, and the various venues Wren had frequented. On the fourth day, Savage turned up. “Who’s missing?” he snarled aggressively … Continue reading

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Interlude: Drugs of Collswell City

The Legal Side Manufactured by Chlora Pharmaceuticals, a drug company owned by a powerful tinker who specializes in drugs. Neuraplast Neuraplast is a drug which increases the plasticity of the brain tenfold, able to repair almost any brain damage. Though … Continue reading

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Interlude: Treatment Notes

Session one The patient seems to respond well when engaged on his own terms. When I spoke with him today, he spoke exclusively in iambic pentameter (thanks Prof. Hayle). When I did the same he became visibly more relaxed and … Continue reading

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Lengthening Shadows 3.8

“We managed to capture high-speed camera footage of the dramatic aerial escape from the helicopter,” said the news anchor. The news cut to a slow-motion view of the helicopter, blades whooshing slowly through the air. Legion stood up. He’d seen … Continue reading

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