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Interlude: The Internationals

Metahuman proliferation and WWII Commander Valor Handsome and charismatic, Commander Valor was the poster-boy for the Allies and the founding member of the Allied Justice Task Force. Though he served in the military for a time, he soon was relegated to … Continue reading

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Archangel 4

Raine ran along the tunnel, feet near silent on the cold concrete floor. Even as sensitive as her eyes were, it soon grew too dark to see. She activated the sonar implant in her auditory center, using the echoes of … Continue reading

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Interlude: Investment

Robert Banks strolled into the apartment, flanked by suit-wearing bodyguards. The room’s three occupants leapt into motion, diving behind furniture or into the apartment’s other rooms. “Rob Banks,” said a man in a turtleneck after it became obvious that there … Continue reading

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Interlude: Ash

Locus sat down at his desk, back pressed up against the wall. He reached for a fork, but it shifted, the distance between his hand and the implement compounding. The walls yawned away from him as space distorted. No! he … Continue reading

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