Interlude: Catalog

While not a comprehensive list of mods available in New Tokyo’s mod parlors, this list leaked out of Japan by curious hackers comprised of the most common mods available to citizens of Metatron’s transhumanist Japan.

White market

The white market represents what’s available to the citizens of the Mezzanine and some of the ground layer of New Tokyo. It’s fully legal and above-board, and thoroughly vetted by Metatron.


Note that due to space constraints, some mods are only compatible at much greater cost.


More color receptors in the visual spectrum allow for a much greater accuracy and precision of color perception.

Extended Spectrum

Have you ever wanted to see beyond the seven colors you were once limited to? Our most popular option, Extended Spectrum eyes allow you to see into the infrared and ultraviolet range. See colors you never imagined possible.


Another popular option, Nighteyes maximize the light intake of your eyes to allow for vision in nearly pitch-black environments.


Brighteyes increase the reaction speed of your pupil constriction, and adds a layer that can darken when exposed to bright light, making working with bright lights much saver, and saving you the hassle of sunglasses.


Hawkeyes are our precision vision option, dramatically increasing the clarity and resolution of vision at long distances, as well as allowing much greater precision of detail at close ranges.

Iris Plus

In addition to thousands of static eye patterns and colors available upon request, we offer a line of fully customizable ocular displays with which you can choose between any of the available options at will, as well as many dynamic options that change depending on emotional state, temperature, light intensity and hue, and others.


Perfect Pitch

Denser cochlear nerve clusters allow for a much greater precision of pitch perception. Great for musicians.


Longer cochlea allow for a higher range of hearing, and special modifications make the high range less painful.


Wider cochlea allow for the perception of deeper sounds, down to 10 hz. Hear bass like you’ve never imagined.

Clamshell Hearing

Named after the hearing protection device, Clamshell Hearing protects your ears by compressing the dynamic range of sounds, protecting you from potentially harmful noises. Great for musicians or those working in noisy industrial environments. Can last up to ten times longer than other ears before needing to be replaced.


Specially shaped ear lobes and canals allow for a much greater degree of spatial sound awareness. This mod won’t allow you to “see” with your ears, but it is possible to roughly map out rooms and precisely locate sounds with ease.

Other Senses

Tactile Enhancement

Greater nerve density in strategic areas allow for much greater precision of tactile perception. Feel the smallest imperfection and textural gradation.

Audio-Tactile Sense

Specialized nerves in the fingers allow for the perception of sound by feeling vibrations in objects and translating them into auditory signals. Works well with Gecko Pads.


Specialized nerves in key areas allow much greater perception of ambient and tactile temperatures.

Electro-Magneto Senses

Specialized implants in the fingertips allow the perception of electrical and magnetic fields. Sense wires buried in walls, locate short-circuits, or diagnose electrical failures with ease.

Olfactory Enhancement

A stronger sense of smell allows the detection of chemicals in incredibly small concentrations, opening up a wealth of data about the world around you.

Gustatory Enhancement

Taste flavors more strongly and with much greater precision. Pick out the ingredients used in almost any recipe, and detect dangerous chemicals instantly.

Arms & Legs

Musician’s Hands

Nicknamed ‘Musician’s Hands’ after the manual dexterity required to operate many musical instruments, this mod features long, graceful fingers, with muscles and tendons specially designed to maximise fine motor control and dexterity. Great for working with small tools, or for anyone who likes to take a little extra care in their daily life.

Steady Hands

Actually a modification of the lower arm, Steady Hands uses a higher-grade muscle and nerve fiber that fixes an ages-old issue with human limbs. Commonly used in conjunction with Musician’s Hands.

Digitigrade Legs

While they may not look quite human, the extra joint in place of your ankle and midfoot can dramatically increase your running top speed, and boost your height by a few inches. Special shoes are available for people with this mod. A must-have for urban runners.

Shock Absorption

For anyone working in high-impact occupations or who participates in urban sports, shock absorption in the arms and legs can greatly decrease the risk of damaging falls. Recommended for urban runners.


Specialized ligaments and joint structures allow a much greater degree of flexibility and range of motion.

Fatigue Resistance

Specially designed muscle tissues flush out byproducts of exertion much more efficiency, allowing a greater degree of muscular endurance and reducing recovery time. A very popular option with urban runners.



A popular option, NO BO eliminates almost all scents produced by the body, leaving you free of malodorous fumes.

Static Hair

Static hair removes the need for most hair and nail maintenance by limiting the length of hair and nails to a chosen length. If cut or removed, hair and nails will grow to that length quickly and then stop.

Chameleon Skin

Rather than static pigmentation options Chameleon Skin allows your skin color to change depending on one of the following: emotional state, body temperature, ambient temperature, light intensity/color, muscle activity, or clothing hue. Some additional custom options are available upon request.


Particulate pigmentation implanted in your skin allows for the formation of monochromatic patterns controlled by a data feed from implanted processors. Choose between thousands of static and dynamic options designed by professional tattoo artists, or design your own custom patterns.

Gecko Pads

These pads on your hands and feet use tiny pores in your skin to adhere to almost any surface. Perfect for climbing, but also surprisingly useful in everyday life. Popular with urban runners.

No Body Hair

Usually a free option with most bodies, this mod can be applied to any model to remove all or most body hair.

Special Surfaces

“Special Surfaces” includes a range of non-standard skin surfaces, from coarse or soft fur or feathers to scales or chitinous plating. Many options are available by request.


Rapid Metabolism

Feel more energetic and alive. Eat more, without gaining weight. Rapid Metabolism allows you to consume food within worrying about weight gain. May cause increased feelings of hunger.

Slow Metabolism

Go extended periods without eating. Perfect for those who take long shifts or prefer to work uninterrupted by biological needs.

Efficient Metabolism

A middle-ground between the fast and slow metabolism options, the efficient metabolism uses specialised cells in the upper and lower intestines to absorb more nutrients from food based on the body’s current needs, producing less waste and promoting overall health.

O2 Booster

Specialized blood chemistry and lung structure maximizes the flow of oxygen to critical muscles and organs, allowing for greater endurance and power. A popular option with urban runners.


Cortical Stack

Mandatory with every new body for upload and download of consciousness and memories. The Cortical Stack contains the hardware for reading and storing memories, with space for one local backup and one remote backup, and for writing the memories to a new brain for transfers or in case of body death.

Mood Regulation

Allows for conscious regulation of some emotional states. Useful for those with a psychological predisposition for depression or anxiety, or artists.

Eidetic Memory

Greater storage space allows the use of a lossless compression algorithm. Recall details from past events with greater precision than ever before. Does not apply to memories prior to the mod’s installation.

Direct IO

The direct I/O option adds a set of nerves parallel to your central nervous system that allows for greater interactivity with virtual spaces and data perception. Popular with virtual reality gamers, but also a great productivity tool. The Direct IO option is fully customizable: Feel the state of your company’s profit margins, or the location of your vehicle, or the temperature of your oven.

REM plus

More efficient sleep cycles allow you to sleep for a significantly shorter period of time, each day, though you do still have to sleep as frequently.


Regulation of neurological waste and memory storage allows you to go significantly longer without sleep, though individual sleep periods may be slightly longer.


This mod is tweaks brain chemistry at strategic points in the sleep cycle to allow easy lucid dreaming, for those interested in exploring the realm of their unconscious imagination.

Implanted Processing

An implanted processing array is a popular option with VR gamers and simulationists, granting a boost to the capabilities of any compatible hardware you interface with, and in conjunction with the direct IO option, can allow much more powerful local data manipulation. Don’t want to solve complicated problems in your head? Farm them out to the processor array.

Nav Pack

The Navigation Pack is a suite of augmentations including a compass, altimeter, and a small GPS unit which ensures you will always know exactly where you are.

Misc extras

Additional Limbs

Choose between a wide array of additional limbs from a selection of tails, arms, and other manipulators.

The Gold Market

The “Gold Market” represents the best of what’s available, typically only found in the mod parlors of the Terrace layer. While the fashion vogue may change daily, expensive mods are always in style. Some of these may be seen in the Mezzanine layer, to those inclined to spend ludicrous amounts of money on body modification.


These eyes are packed with ultra-high resolution photoreceptors both within and outside of the visual spectrum. See colors like never before with specialized yellow, cyan, orange, and magenta receptors in addition to the normal red, green, and blue, plus an array of infrared and ultraviolet receptors. Specialized lenses focus light at any focal distance, allowing precision vision at any range, and a hyper-reactive, dynamically shaped pupil adjusts to any lighting situation with ease. Choose the coloring of your entire eye at will, directly from your C-Stack, with thousands of static and dynamic options from our artists. Interface like never before with built-in retinal projection for augmented or virtual reality applications.


Bioluminescent pigments in your skin, combined with cutting-edge nanotats and reactive pigmentation allow a dazzling array of patterns of any hue, shade, and luminescence, which can react to any chosen factors, controlled natively by an implanted processing array.

Special Surfaces +

While many of the Special Surfaces line of skin textures are available for reasonably cheaply, there are some that are prohibitively expensive, including various unique metamaterials with fascinating properties, such as one which reflects light in such a way as to create dazzling rainbows, one which hardens on impact, and an option which can produce textured ridges and scarification at will.

Endocrine Tap

Allowing far greater flexibility and control than the mood regulator option, the Endocrine Tap allows the user to feel the effects of selected emotions at will, from induced anger, sadness, joy, and others. Feel calm under any pressure, or play a role more deeply than any method actor.

Dynamic Metabolism

Using a precise system of reactive chemical balances your metabolism will automatically adjust to the amount of food you eat, allowing any eating behavior without excessive weight gain or loss, and ensuring you get the maximum nutritional value out of your consumption.

Circadian Boost

A precise system of reactive chemical balances and streamlined neurological processes allows the user to remain awake for extremely long periods without adverse effects, nearly entirely eliminating the neurological need for sleep, without removing the ability to do so should you so choose.

True Sonar

Using a hyper-advanced genetic algorithm to calculate the ideal ear shape and properties, we have developed a system by which positional hearing can become so precise as to enable you to accurately map out your surroundings from the reverberations of ambient noises. Never get lost in the dark again, and experience the world in a whole new way.

Black Market

The black market represents the mods that are not available in metatron-regulated mod parlors. Typically only found on the ground level, due to the thriving network of illegal activity that thrives out of sight of the Ophanim.

Synaptic boosters

A hacked version of the implanted processing array allows it to interface through the Direct IO channel, effectively boosting brainpower. A favorite of hackers and other cybercriminals.

Terahertz Vision

A band of Terahertz wave sensors implanted in the skull of your forehead and wired into the visual cortex allows you to see the Terahertz waves the Ophanim use for surveillance. Stay safely out of their sight with ease. If equipped with a Terahertz emitter, this mod allows you to see objects and people through most walls, or see weapons through clothing. HIGHLY ILLEGAL. DO NOT USE THIS FUNCTIONALITY WITHIN RANGE OF ANY OPHANIM.

Cortical Fork

The cortical fork is an odd piece of hardware that allows you to instantiate a second copy of your consciousness, either in a dryware shell or a second wetware body, while keeping memories synced between two cortical stacks with minimal latency. Do not exceed a range of 50 meters of open air (or 25 meters with walls). DO NOT ALLOW CONNECTION TO BREAK.

Secure Remote Backup

While the basic cortical stack allows for one local and one remote backup to be stored, the remote backup typically must be made manually, and the process is very insecure. The Secure Remote Backup ensures that your remote backup can’t be tampered with by providing it with a quantum encryption linked to an entangled qubit embedded in your body, which self-destructs upon your death. Very, very expensive due to the difficulty of manufacturing quantum hardware.

Shock Pads

Inspired by electric eels, a network of wires and capacitors in your body collects and stores bioelectricity to be released from conductive pads in your hands.

Chem Glands

Any chemical that can be nanoassembled in Metatron’s chem vats can be produced in small amounts in chem glands implanted either to dump into your bloodstream or through your skin. Anything from stimulants or relaxants, to potent poisons or incendiary chemicals.

Blood Filter

While technically black-market, use of this mod is generally unregulated to to its necessity when working in Metatron’s chem vats. The blood filter scrubs your bloodstream of most harmful chemicals, but also renders it impossible to be influenced by many recreational drugs.

Deadman Switch

A small explosive implanted in your skull which detonates upon your death to protect your Cortical Stack from falling into the wrong hands. Make frequent remote backups.

Oxy Tank

A one-use reserve of oxygen stored in a highly-compressed form in your body allows you to go for an extremely long period without breathing, especially when combined with the 02 booster.

Extraspecial Surface

A biohacked version of the advanced line of special surfaces allows you to change many aspects of your appearance at will by changing the color, stiffness, and thickness of your skin in strategic locations.

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  1. It’s an infodump, but there’s a lot of stuff here and I figured it was topical. A lot of this is stolen directly out of Eclipse Phase or Shadowrun, with a tech level roughly between the two.

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