Nightmare Advisory List

This list is available on the International Threat Assessment Bureau (ITAB) website, maintained by Monitor and his associates, Interdiction, Bastille, and Parole. It only shows currently active Nightmare-class metahumans, and is updated regularly as different Nightmares become active or are removed after a period of extended inactivity. The Risk level represents the probability of an event involving this nightmare, the Danger level represents the respective danger of such an event.

Rose of Thorns [Risk: high; Danger: moderate]


  • Wear gloves, preferably seamless rubber gloves.

  • Turn clothes inside-out to avoid seams.

  • Trim fingernails as short as possible

  • Avoid lightswitches and doorknobs when possible

  • Avoid paper at all costs

  • Avoid plants

  • Be careful


  • Touch any edge, regardless of apparent sharpness.

  • Touch rough surfaces, such as asphalt.

  • Comb, brush, or cut your hair

  • Brush your teeth

  • Shave

  • Drive any gas-powered vehicle made before 2000

  • Use needles for any reason. If injection is necessary, use jet injectors instead.

  • Use tools, especially power tools such as chainsaws, drills, table saws, band saws, jigsaws, lathes, etc.


Molar [Risk: moderate; Danger: moderate/high, varies w/ pop. density]


  • Travel in groups of at least two, preferably three or more

  • Carry a loud noise-making device

  • Be cautious when going around corners or through doors

  • Check behind you often

  • If you live alone, find a temporary roommate or live with neighbors temporarily

  • Sleep in groups, and wake up another if you have to use the restroom

  • Carpool


  • Ever be alone, even for a moment, even in the restroom or bedroom. Having another person present in the room is sufficient

  • Turn out lights completely

  • Go looking for someone alone


Dream of Tomorrow [Risk: moderate; Danger: high]


  • Act rationally

  • Treat it like any other day

  • Avoid large expenditures


  • Fall into a routine: do something different every day

  • Commit crimes or violence. Your actions will have consequences

  • Leave the affected area

  • Panic

  • Try to keep track of days yourself. You will lose count. There will be an official number on the news each morning.

  • Communicate with people outside the city. They will tell you it’s over every day, and so you will not believe them when it really is.

  • Attempt to find a pattern or take advantage of others


Gom Ziggurat AKA the Acropilisk [Risk: low; Danger: moderate]


  • Evacuate

  • Avoid museums and antiques

  • If you live in an old building, take shelter in temporary structures constructed daily for this purpose.


  • Enter any archaeological site

  • Enter any historic district or building

  • Drive any vehicle made before 2000

Notes: Gom Ziggurat is usually non-hostile unless provoked, however he is provoked easily by archaeological digs, antique shops, or history museums.


Red Tide [Risk: moderate; Danger: moderate/high, varies w/proximity to large body of water/river]


  • Drink milk, juices, and soda

  • Avoid any rivers or lakes. Evacuate if one is present nearby

  • Throw away any bottled water


  • Drink water

  • Use flushing toilets

  • Exit your home if it begins to rain

  • Turn on a tap for any reason

  • Wash your hands

  • Spit or cry excessively


Metatron: [Risk:low*; Danger: moderate]


  • Stay in your home


  • Use any electronic device

  • Communicate with anyone through electronic means

  • Answer your telephone

  • Avoid anyone with implants. If you have implants, deactivate them immediately

  • Drive any vehicle made before 2000

*Metatron’s activity is restricted to Japan and neighboring islands.


Atomic* [Risk: very low; Danger: very high]


  • Secure yourself in the nearest bunker or bomb shelter


  • Duck and cover. It won’t help.

*Atomic is not considered a Nightmare-class metahuman, however is included on the list due to the very high danger presented by any possibility of an uncontrollable event involving his metahuman abilities.


Nightmares pending removal for inactivity:

Shiver: [Risk: very low; Danger: low]


  • Dress warmly, no matter what the forecast is

  • Avoid people acting strangely or jerkily

  • If you begin to feel cold “in your bones” go inside immediately and avoid other people until the sensation passes.


  • go outside, if possible. If you must, avoid long streets and open areas.


Mr. Frost: [Risk: very low; Danger: high]


  • If you see Mr. Frost, run in the opposite direction as quickly as possible. If there are others nearby, assist those unable to move quickly on their own.

  • If objects seem to be moving very slowly around you, move as fast as possible.

  • If you find someone frozen, do not go near them. Mark the area by throwing sand or gravel into the air and inform emergency services of their location.


  • Enter any cordoned-off areas, especially if it contains Mr. Frost. He may appear to move slowly, but he is deceptively fast.

Recently removed for Inactivity:

Auric Monks



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12 Responses to Nightmare Advisory List

  1. Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday. I’ve run out of buffer, and real life has prevented me from rebuilding it. I’m probably going to go on a brief hiatus while I rebuild it.

  2. Mandragons says:

    Sweet! Been looking forward to learning more about the Nightmares. Also, possible error under Atomic? “*Atomic is not considered a Nightmare-class metahuman, however is included on the list due to the very high danger presented by ” and that’s it.

  3. C. Coyote says:

    Oh bugger, I was looking forward to an update.

  4. Bobby says:

    “Don’t spit or cry excessively.”

    It’s amusing trying to guess their powers just from the dos and don’ts. Mr. Frost obviously has some kind of time manipulation, for example, but Molar is more mysterious. I can’t even tell if his name comes from the tooth, or chemistry moles. Or something else.

    • Thanks. This was an exercise in ambiguity for me, which I had a lot of fun with. Any guesses for Dream of Tomorrow?

      • Bobby says:

        Dream of Tomorrow… This actually just hit me as I was rereading the entry: I think Dream makes some kind of Groundhog Day thing. All those references about how many days it’s been? How people from outside always think it’s over? About finding a pattern? Yeah, I’m feeling pretty confident about that guess.

        Rose of Thorns has to be able to hurt you with edges. Making them sharper? That would explain keeping aways from seams and hair and toothbrushes and such, but I’m not sure how needles would become more dangerous by being sharper. Making thorns appear? Making stuff poisonous? Who knows. Do you have to avoid spherical doorknobs?

        If I HAD to guess about Molar, I’d say he/she eats people (teeth, right?) because all the stuff about not being alone brings horror movie monsters to mind.

        Red Tide seems obvious enough: controlling water, with at least the limitation that the water has to be reasonably pure (hence you can drink juice safely). I get a strange feeling from the references to flushing toilets and turning on the tap, though. It seems like Tide could just use the water that’s already in the toilet bowl to kill you, or just burst the pipes and get in even if you don’t touch the tap. Maybe… something about movement? Hmm…

        Shiver is an odd one. Dressing warmly apparently protects you (at least a little bit), but the danger doesn’t seem to be the cold. Judging from the references to people acting jerkily, and secluding yourself when you feel cold in your bones, I’d say Shiver’s power can influence you somehow, and it makes you dangerous to people around you when you’re affected. I’m kind of picturing a mob of cannibals in the snow, zombie apocalypse style, but “low danger” makes that unlikely. 😛 Also, avoiding open areas. Not sure what that’s about.

        I also notice that half the Nightmares could mess with cars before 2000. Was there an actual concerted effort to modify transportation technology so it would be less vulnerable to known supervillains?

      • There was! In 2000, the US government passed a vehicle safety bill to make them less vulnerable during mass evacuations.

        Spot on for the most part. The way I created the nightmares is from nightmares I actually had as a kid, taking the bizarre dream rules and taking them to the logical conclusion, for example: everything is sharp. This causes a lot of interesting effects- for example, turning a doorknob would shear off the metal and shoot tumblers everywhere. Internal combustion engines would be torn apart. Asphalt would be deadly, and don’t even get me started about sand.

        Shiver and Mr. Frost were my original two, but as I refined the idea, I eventually transitioned to the current set. I’m glad you got the Dream of Tomorrow one- he’s basically Groundhog Day: the horror movie.

  5. IWannaBeATiger says:

    This is one of my favourite interludes one thing that I kept hoping for in Worm was the S Class threats to be explained. But does the Red Tide have anything to do with algae blooms?

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