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Chiaroscuro 10.4

When we last left our heroes Two of the three largest metahuman gangs in the city have imploded in the wake of a powerful precog with a vendetta who was also indirectly responsible for the dissolution of the city’s major … Continue reading

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Chiaroscuro 10.3

Kevin watched over Wren’s shoulder as a news anchor narrated what was happening in the park. The helicopter gave a clear view of the US military vehicles that tore into the park from where they had been stationed at the … Continue reading

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Ciaroscuro 10.2

Sean laid Locus down in one of the seats lining the back of the jet before taking a seat across from him. The floor rumbled as the VTOL thrusters powered up and the jet began to rise. Sean took a … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Changing World 3

Wren sat on his bed, laptop open on his lap. He stared at it for a few full minutes before starting to type into the search bar. He stopped, hesitated for a moment, then opened an anonymous browser and started … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.1

“You guys are so lucky,” Sasha said to me and Kevin once the elevator doors had closed and it lurched into motion. “You don’t have to wear these stupid masks.” “You don’t have to either,” said Wren. “The dean said … Continue reading

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Shadows of Giants 6.8

“I’m Guardian Angel, as you’ve apparently all figured out,” Sean said as he leaned against the closed door. “I didn’t know,” Wren said from where he was lying on his bed. “But it makes sense.” “I think everyone else knew,” … Continue reading

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Shadows of Giants 6.7

I almost staggered backwards at the realization. Holy shit. Am I missing a day? A whole fucking day? “Who’s there?” came a voice, which I barely recognized as Wren. He huddled against the side of the building, hidden in a … Continue reading

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Shadows of Giants 6.6

I felt numb and incoherent as I stumbled towards my room. My body was still stiff from the residual effects of Temple’s power. Temple, I thought. Chaos. I recognize that. The connections were frustratingly slow to form in my mind. … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.5

Sean trudged back to the university by the light of the streetlamps. He shivered as a light mist of rain condensed on his skin and clothes. Not heavy enough to be considered proper rain, but still… Annoying. He reached down … Continue reading

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Umbra 4.4

Savage bounded across the room, shoving Sean out of the way, and pressed Kevin into the wall forcefully. “Why were you at Blackwell’s base in Herald Square?” he roared. “Holy shit!” Wren exclaimed, and threw himself off the couch away … Continue reading

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