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Shadow of a Doubt 8.8

Shameless self-promotion: Check out my latest music on Bandcamp or Soundcloud! I pulled in the darkness, covering my eyes and ears and hopefully shielding myself from Temple’s influence. The world went black and silent. For a moment I froze, unsure of … Continue reading

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Shadows of Giants 6.5

I reflexively covered my eyes and ears with darkness. My vision didn’t go black immediately. The image of the room was still burned into my eyes by the blazing light, and my ears still rang from the blaring klaxon. But … Continue reading

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Shadows of Giants 6.4

“He has a gun!” one of the guests shouted, and the screaming started. The guests who hadn’t already begun to panic did, and I could feel the air shift as Honnete hit the ground, swarming with security. The gunman, dressed … Continue reading

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Umbra 4.6

“ATTENTION CRIMINALS!” blared a voice over the screaming sirens. “SURRENDER AND YOU WILL NOT BE HARMED!” The powered armor’s vision now online, I could tell that the two people in front of me were speaking, swearing most like, but I … Continue reading

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