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Eclipse 9.2

Author note: No chapter next week, probably, since I’ll be out of the country again.   A harsh buzz woke me up from a fitful sleep. I opened my eyes and glanced towards the source. My phone, plugged in on … Continue reading

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Interlude: Open Source

Protect_Our_Future [Thread Creator] Fresh Face Attached is a PDF of designs for a device which will disable all metahuman abilities in an area whose size depends on the power input and physical size of the device. The principles under which … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.9

Check out my latest music on YouTube, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud. Within a few minutes, the area was swarming with police cars which screeched in from every direction while a team helped the armor team extract themselves from the twisted, sparking wrecks of … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.6

Dr. Mind’s thoughts went still, despite the turmoil around him. He didn’t struggle against the grip of the suit-wearing man who dragged him through the lab. He caught a glimpse of lab-coated individuals standing around the lab in disarray. A … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.5

The LazTech tower in Collswell City was located at the edge of the industrial district, directly across from their factory, which still operated in the city, unlike many of the other businesses which had moved manufacturing overseas in the last … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.4

I sat, stunned, for a moment before I recovered. “You’re using your power to figure out how to keep me off balance,” I realised. Amelie’s grin turned predatory as she leaned out over her chai. “And I’m gonna keep doing … Continue reading

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Interlude: Investment

Robert Banks strolled into the apartment, flanked by suit-wearing bodyguards. The room’s three occupants leapt into motion, diving behind furniture or into the apartment’s other rooms. “Rob Banks,” said a man in a turtleneck after it became obvious that there … Continue reading

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Shadows of Giants 6.3

Honnete was met with an uproar of applause as he entered the room. He cut a striking figure, suit crisp, face framed by a sharp widow’s peak. He thanked the woman who had introduced him then gave a genuine smile … Continue reading

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