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Shadows of Giants 6.6

I felt numb and incoherent as I stumbled towards my room. My body was still stiff from the residual effects of Temple’s power. Temple, I thought. Chaos. I recognize that. The connections were frustratingly slow to form in my mind. … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.5

Sean trudged back to the university by the light of the streetlamps. He shivered as a light mist of rain condensed on his skin and clothes. Not heavy enough to be considered proper rain, but still… Annoying. He reached down … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.2

Kevin tapped at the keyboard with growing frustration. “Gah, this is annoying,” he said. “What is?” Sean asked. He and Sasha were, at Kevin’s request, avoiding watching what he was doing, instead reading various articles on their phones. The UMBRA … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.1

Guardian Angel tapped the sword on his knee where he sat in the back of the Metahuman Transport Van, returning to the Warden’s building. “This thing is useless,” he muttered. “Yeah, no shit,” said Kismet, sitting across from him. “Flaming … Continue reading

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Umbra 4.3

“I told you, I don’t remember anything. I went to bed one night and woke up there.” “There was an evacuation in your residence hall the night you disappeared,” I interjected. “Do you remember that?” “No.” Wren shook his head. … Continue reading

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