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Chiaroscuro 10.1

The world shook. No, someone shook me. The shreds of something that seemed meaningful at the time slipped away the moment I opened my eyes to see Sean crouched over me. No, Guardian Angel. He still glowed faintly, though it … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.6

The street outside had been transformed into a battleground by Mafic and Felsic, making it difficult for the stolen SWAT vans to approach. Their reinforced wheels trundled over the thorn-covered metal vines that stretched across the street like spike strips, … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.4

Guardian Angel, Dark Archon, Jamisson and I followed the warden through the security checkpoint leading into the Meta-Max facility. Dark Archon’s feet clacked loudly on the concrete floor as he walked. “You picked a tough customer to take off power … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.9

Check out my latest music on YouTube, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud. Within a few minutes, the area was swarming with police cars which screeched in from every direction while a team helped the armor team extract themselves from the twisted, sparking wrecks of … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.8

Shameless self-promotion: Check out my latest music on Bandcamp or Soundcloud! I pulled in the darkness, covering my eyes and ears and hopefully shielding myself from Temple’s influence. The world went black and silent. For a moment I froze, unsure of … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.3

Jamisson looked up at us as we entered the warehouse we were using as a temporary base. Dark circles under his eyes betrayed how little he had been sleeping. He waved us over to the table he sat at. He … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.1

“You guys are so lucky,” Sasha said to me and Kevin once the elevator doors had closed and it lurched into motion. “You don’t have to wear these stupid masks.” “You don’t have to either,” said Wren. “The dean said … Continue reading

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Cold Feet 5.5

Sean trudged back to the university by the light of the streetlamps. He shivered as a light mist of rain condensed on his skin and clothes. Not heavy enough to be considered proper rain, but still… Annoying. He reached down … Continue reading

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Umbra 4.1

The search lasted for four days in the end, and spanned the entire district, the city’s various hospitals and police lockups, and the various venues Wren had frequented. On the fourth day, Savage turned up. “Who’s missing?” he snarled aggressively … Continue reading

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