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Scenes from a Changing World 2

Pierce Honnete scanned through the newspost, eyes flashing across the screen of his tablet. Already his imagination was running wild with the implications. The nullifier had been cracked, and more importantly, leaked to the public. with the right parts and … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.3

The younger Banks had just woken up when we returned to the infirmary. Savage helped himself to one of the cots that lined the edge of the room while the rest of us approached them. “Now, it will likely take … Continue reading

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Eclipse 9.2

Author note: No chapter next week, probably, since I’ll be out of the country again.   A harsh buzz woke me up from a fitful sleep. I opened my eyes and glanced towards the source. My phone, plugged in on … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.9

Check out my latest music on YouTube, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud. Within a few minutes, the area was swarming with police cars which screeched in from every direction while a team helped the armor team extract themselves from the twisted, sparking wrecks of … Continue reading

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Shadow of a Doubt 8.7

“You son of a bitch!” shouted Lazarus. “I’ll blacklist you from every tech firm in the world for this!” Dr. Mind looked towards the scientists huddled in the side room. Maybe he should have made the design public years ago. … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid 7.9

The world rocked from the events of the past week. A Nightmare-class metahuman appeared in Collswell City for the second time in ten years, resulting in the death of one of the country’s top-tier heroes. Though it was one of … Continue reading

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Interlude: Investment

Robert Banks strolled into the apartment, flanked by suit-wearing bodyguards. The room’s three occupants leapt into motion, diving behind furniture or into the apartment’s other rooms. “Rob Banks,” said a man in a turtleneck after it became obvious that there … Continue reading

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