In Memoriam

I wanted to post this earlier, but I just couldn’t.

Today, we lost one of the best humorists who ever lived. It’s difficult to express what that means. I could fill this post with quotes, from him, but if I wanted to list all of my favorites, I would end up reciting his complete works.

The first time I encountered his work was when I was handed a book by my older brother with a psychedelic-looking butterfly on it, stamped “Interesting Times.” True to its word, it was the most interesting book I had ever read. It had meaning without being insultingly juvenile, it had humor, but still had a compelling plot and characters. Over the course of the next years, I read through every one of his books I could get my hands on, following the adventures of Rincewind the wizard, walking the beat with Sam Vimes, and finally realizing why sending a letter is more personal than a text message.

He’s the only author who can make me laugh and cry within the span of the same few pages. When I list my favorite books, the top few are whatever I’ve read most recently, and then the rest of the list is reserved for him. As a voracious reader, I read through the entire fantasy/sci-fi section at my local library, but when I ran out of new books, I always returned. I’ve read these books more times than I can count, and each one was something profound, something sublime, and absolutely, unrepentantly hilarious. He can make me laugh every time, (and Granny Aching makes me cry every time) and…

I’m out of words. Go. Go read. Start anywhere, it doesn’t matter.

Farewell, Terry Pratchett. We miss you.


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3 Responses to In Memoriam

  1. Tempest says:

    A eloquent and touching post about a great man. He will be missed.

  2. mbwakalione says:

    I missed most of primary school, reading and writing wasent something i thought i would ever need. One day while waiting for a bus the raid drove me into the shelter of my local library.
    It was dry and warm .
    While i was wandering around, killing tym, i saw a book on a sorting shelf, those books that need to be put back on the shelf.
    The cover realy lept out at me. Some sort of fantsy thing.
    I picked it up.
    The carpet people.
    It took me five mins to read the back, my literacy skills where that bad.

    But i new i had to read it, it was weirE it was epic it couldnt be a book, books were lame.
    I dident have a libary card so i stole the book their and then and walked home in the rain .
    it took me three months to read that book, i had to teach myself to read you see.

    i then got myself a card and read all seven of his books .
    the firstbook i ever bought was a pratchet novel, men at arms.

    I dident cry when ian m banks died i dident cry when i found out rodger zelazny was dead, robert jorden, meh.

    today i cried

  3. Michael says:

    Amen to thee. Other great men might be consigned by the many to the various afterlives dictated, but few people can say that they sculpted themselves a place of religious repose inhabited by Death, black sand, and mountains in the distance. He never rested on his laurels, never stopped doing what he loved, and he died as he lived – with profound, irreverent, and darkly optimistic humour.

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