I’m really, really sorry. It finally happened. My schedule broke.

I was sick for the past week, starting last weekend and only feeling better yesterday, my course load this semester is kind of nuts, and I’m in a musical which takes up four hours four days a week… I’m just too busy to keep this up right now. I have a chapter in the works, and I’m really exited to get it up, but it’s just not done. I’ll have it up… eventually…

I really hate to do this just when I’m starting a new arc, and one so highly requested at that, but I just can’t find the time at the moment to give writing it the attention it deserves.

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  1. sasamel says:

    Bad luck, but shit happens. Your story is good enough to keep my interest for however it takes you to go back on it so dont worry, we will be waiting, although I would love a marked date for the next update, otherwise I would be checking every day like an idiot for the next update.

  2. Michael says:

    How are things shaping up? Is tomorrow gonna bring a comic?

  3. jackmandu55 says:

    I would be sad and disappointed but its hard to when the storybis this awesome! I just caught now and this is my favorite web serial, possibly book ive read in a long time. Good luck!

  4. jackmandu55 says:

    Ive read so many superhero theme books and its so refreshing to read one with original super powers and an actual interesting plot. Its not all just the boring old super strength and speed. Its also way more realistic with the gangs and city teams. This is just an awesome story so thank you! Hope to see a lot more of it too!

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